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At John Krause Electrical Services, we are available to serve your comprehensive electrical needs throughout all of Somerset County, PA. Our dedicated team of licensed professional electricians is available to provide you with the highest quality electrical installation, maintenance, and repair services at times that are convenient for you. With over three decades of experience keeping our communities safely connected to the electrical grid and assisting with proper installation and service of modern technological equipment, The Men in Red™ are your best choice for efficient and reliable service in South Central Pennsylvania.

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Emergency Electrical Service in Somerset County, PA

We are open to serve you every weekday, Monday through Friday, from 7:30AM to 5:00PM. We are closed on weekends to spend time with our families. However, if you are dealing with an electrical emergency in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, we will arrive to assist you promptly on the weekends, as well. We proudly speak English and American Sign Language to provide the best service and communication for our hearing and deaf customers.